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Portfolio Project: Merger Integration

Business Case:

Publicly Traded, global Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company acquired a privately held CPG company with multiple brands across dozens of categories. The project required integrating all functions – people, process and systems – in 8 months.

                     Unilever - Wikipedia       Seventh Generation Products, Wholesale | Boxed 

Month 1: Kickoff & Requirements

  • Partnered with leadership to hold company meetings to introduce the project and set expectations
  • Established leads and teams from every business function in both organizations
  • Daily meetings with functional teams to build a detailed project plan of tasks, timing, owners, and risks
  • Setup a project site for collaboration
  • Established communication plan for updates and issues

Month 2: Design

  • Detailed the sourcing, manufacturing, logistics and distribution integrations
  • Planned sales, marketing, and customer service consolidation
  • Designed the integrated organization structure
  • Identified master data (materials, suppliers, items, customers, people, etc) across functions to migrate from MS Dynamics into SAP and all the supporting business systems

Months 3-7: Implementation

  • Worked with leaders in both organizations to manage transition of people, process & systems
  • Adjusted plan as learnings and actuals occurred
  • Implemented a phased approach, with contingencies, allowing for early identification of problems and rapid course correction.
  • Planned employee transitions – supporting individuals and a successful integration

Month 8: Go Live

  • Finalized go-live checklists, dependencies, and task sequence with all teams and customers
  • Worked closely with customers and teams to make sure issues were found and addressed quickly
  • Daily KPI reviews with teams to quickly flag and address problems

Post Live

  • Close follow-up with teams and customers to find post-live issues
  • Kept transition project team in place until sign-off from functional leaders and senior management
  • Celebrations and recognition for a job well done


  • Transition completed on schedule, under budget, with no business interruption
  • Sales & profits accelerated above plan in the full year post integration.