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Portfolio Project: Product & Customer Profitability

Business Case:

National brand, with hundreds of skus in dozens of categories, needed monthly reporting of profit by product & customer, to prioritize investments.

Month 1: Research & Plan

  • Researched detailed cost data including raw materials, suppliers, manufacturing, logistics, and overheads
  • Documented sources of information for pricing, discounts, and expenses, by sku & customer
  • Presented analysis of data gaps and recommendation to close
  • Finalized project team, plan, and budget

Months 2-3: Design & Pilot

  • Detailed data integrations for sourcing, manufacturing, logistics and distribution
  • Designed and implement data warehouse
  • Built data imports
  • Piloted and refined reporting dashboard

Months 3-4: Test, Learn, & Rework

  • Weekly reviews by business teams including finance, sales, operations, and Sr. Management
  • Captured gaps and learnings for rework
  • Improved allocations based on actuals

Month 5: Go Live

  • Published reports and dashboards for enterprise wide use 
  • Identified and resolved post-live issues.
  • Handoff to finance and IT 


  • Identified most profitable skus and channels to guide future investments
  • Adjusted pricing and incentives to improve customer profitability
  • Prioritized product development and marketing to increase ROI