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Accelerate with Low-Code

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Low-Code platforms help companies develop applications faster and potentially reduce the growing need for highly skilled engineers. While Low-Code solutions can be transformative, there are tradeoffs. Leading Low-Code platforms include: Quickbase: Leading low-code platform. Easy to get started and super functional with free trial. Coherent: Converts… Read More »Accelerate with Low-Code

Opportunity Amidst Carnage

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The post-pandemic boom is busting, and the carnage is real. The S&P 500 is off to its worst start since 1939, falling over 15% in 2022. Last year’s highflying tech companies have plummeted with the Nasdaq down a staggering 25%+ in 2022. Bitcoin gurus are… Read More »Opportunity Amidst Carnage

Get Tech Smarter

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Business units and tech teams are always challenged to stay aligned on projects, priorities, and plans. Strong tech & businesses partnership means tech initiatives are aligned with business goals, deliver a real competitive advantage, and increase confidence to invest more in technology. Many IT leaders… Read More »Get Tech Smarter

Cloud Strategy

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The cloud plays a huge role in most organizations tech strategy: improving the ability to scale and increasing flexibility. Cloud adoption has been accelerated by the pandemic and as post-Covid world begins, new cloud trends are appearing. The 11th annual Flexera 2022 State of the… Read More »Cloud Strategy

Choose the Right CRM

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Your customer information needs to be reliable and accessible. Once a business grows large enough, using Google docs and spreadsheets to manage customer information becomes a mess—disorganized, inefficient, and costly.