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Opportunity Amidst Carnage

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The post-pandemic boom is busting, and the carnage is real.

The S&P 500 is off to its worst start since 1939, falling over 15% in 2022. Last year’s highflying tech companies have plummeted with the Nasdaq down a staggering 25%+ in 2022.

Bitcoin gurus are proclaiming a long Crypto winter is beginning and inflation is raging, with gas prices seeming to go up every hour.

Companies across every industry are struggling with higher costs, supply chain disruptions, and staffing shortages. Many firms will try cutting to survive but the best will pivot their high performing teams to seize the opportunities presented by change.

Within this carnage is huge opportunity, especially for nimbler organizations that can make fast decisions, learn quickly, and adjust. Tough times tilt the playing field towards companies who can pivot fast.  Established incumbents risk delaying fast decisions with weeks of meetings, layers of management, and legal reviews postponing testing new ideas.

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Use today’s carnage as a launch pad to seize opportunities.