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Business Intelligence

Supercharge Analytics with AI

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Data analytics tools helps companies convert raw data into useful insights that can drive better decision-making processes – identifying opportunities to improve products and services, and guiding investments. There are many AI powered tools on the market for both the pros and those with a… Read More »Supercharge Analytics with AI

Pick, Pack, & Ship Automation

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Picking, packing, and shipping are essential processes at warehouses and fulfillment centers. The basic process involves picking goods to be sent, packing them securely, and shipping them via a shipping partner like UPS, FedEx, or the USPS. Picking, packing, and shipping used to be one… Read More »Pick, Pack, & Ship Automation

Win With Data Analytics

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Today’s business leaders are journeying through a tsunami of challenges: record inflation,  cost increases, and both labor and material shortages. They face pandemic-hangover supply chain disruptions and shifting consumer demands. How do they navigate teams through unprecedented change while still meeting stakeholder expectations and growing… Read More »Win With Data Analytics

Accelerate with Low-Code

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Low-Code platforms help companies develop applications faster and potentially reduce the growing need for highly skilled engineers. While Low-Code solutions can be transformative, there are tradeoffs. Leading Low-Code platforms include: Quickbase: Leading low-code platform. Easy to get started and super functional with free trial. Coherent: Converts… Read More »Accelerate with Low-Code

Opportunity Amidst Carnage

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The post-pandemic boom is busting, and the carnage is real. The S&P 500 is off to its worst start since 1939, falling over 15% in 2022. Last year’s highflying tech companies have plummeted with the Nasdaq down a staggering 25%+ in 2022. Bitcoin gurus are… Read More »Opportunity Amidst Carnage

Choose the Right CRM

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Your customer information needs to be reliable and accessible. Once a business grows large enough, using Google docs and spreadsheets to manage customer information becomes a mess—disorganized, inefficient, and costly.