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Supercharge Analytics with AI

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Data analytics tools helps companies convert raw data into useful insights that can drive better decision-making processes – identifying opportunities to improve products and services, and guiding investments. There are many AI powered tools on the market for both the pros and those with a limited expertise to help you visualize, analyze, and track data.

Artificial intelligence capabilities allow analysts to examine massive amounts of data to find trends and patterns. AI also helps streamline data analysis by funneling all data into a common connected warehouse, enabling users to have a more complete view.

Here is a look at 6 of the best AI powered tools for data analysts:

Julius AI is an intelligent data analyst tool that interprets, analyzes, and visualizes complex data in an intuitive, user-friendly manner. Its power lies in its ability to make data analysis accessible and actionable, even for those who aren’t data scientists or statisticians.

After linking a data source, you can analyze it with natural language prompting on the Chat page — try asking for insights or directing Julius to create a visualization.

Another top tool is Tableau, an analytics and data visualization platform that enables users to interact with their data. One of the top selling points of Tableau is that it doesn’t require any knowledge of coding. With Tableau, users can create reports and share them across desktop and mobile platforms.

The data analytics tool supports data visualization and analytics to create reports that can be shared within a browser or embedded in an application. All of this can take place while Tableau is run on either the cloud or on-premise.

Microsoft Power BI is a highly useful business intelligence platform that enables users to sort through their data and visualize it for insights. The platform allows users to import data from nearly any source, and they can begin building reports and dashboards right away.

Microsoft Power BI also enables users to build machine learning models and utilize other AI-powered features to analyze data. It supports multiple integrations, such as a native Excel integration and an integration with Azure Machine Learning. If an enterprise already uses Microsoft tools, Power BI can be easily implemented for data reporting, data visualization, and for building dashboards.

Polymer is another great option for data analysts. The tool relies on AI to analyze data and improve users’ understanding of it. Polymer achieves all of this without a long onboarding process. All a user has to do is upload their spreadsheets to the platform to instantly transform it into a streamlined database that can then be explored for insights.

Polymer prides itself on being the only tool that makes a user’s spreadsheets “searchable, intelligent, and interactive instantly.” The tool is used by a wide range of professionals, including data analysts, digital marketers, content creators, and more.

Akkio is a business analytics and forecasting tool for users to analyze their data and predict potential outcomes. The tool is aimed at beginners and is ideal for users wanting to get started with their data.

The AI tool enables users to upload their dataset and select the variable that they want to predict, which helps Akkio build a neural network around that variable. It is highly useful for predictive analysis, marketing, and sales. Like many of the other top tools on this list, Akkio doesn’t require any prior coding experience.

Finally, MonkeyLearn includes multiple AI-powered text analysis tools that instantly analyze and visualize data to the user’s needs. It can also be used to set up text classifiers and text extractors, which help automatically sort data according to topic or intent, as well as extract product features or user data.

With its reliance on machine learning to automate business workflows and analyze text, MonkeyLearn can save hours of manual data processing. One of the features most liked by its users is MonkeyLearn’s ability to pull data from tickets automatically as they come in. It classifies data through keywords and high-end text analysis, and highlights specific text and categorizes it for easy sorting and processing.

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