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Choosing an E-Commerce Platform

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Choosing an e-commerce platform is a huge decision for every organization. Every merchant needs to deliver excellent commerce experiences across an always increasing number of touch points. Your teams will invest time in leveraging capabilities and developing expertise. Your customers will rely on fast speed… Read More »Choosing an E-Commerce Platform

10 Steps to Grow Online Sales

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E-commerce success require constant optimization. Here are 10 key steps to improve your online sales performance during the holidays and in 2022.

Warehouse Automation

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Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) differ in features and areas like usability, adaptability, decision support, scalability and cost. Customers increasingly favor supply chain systems that can support end-to-end supply chain and logistics – from raw material purchase and receipt through finished good delivery to the customer.… Read More »Warehouse Automation

Magento or Shopify?

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There are big questions in life: Why am I here? Is there a God? Vanilla or Chocolate? If you sell online, a big question is Shopify or Magento? There are other platforms but these are the leaders and they both have different capabilities depending on… Read More »Magento or Shopify?

Amazon Prime Day is Oct 13-14

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CNet: Amazon’s Prime Day 2020 will take place Oct. 13-14 The sale, usually held in July, was delayed amid the pandemic. Prime Day is finally coming. The annual sale event will be held in the US on Tuesday, Oct. 13, and Wednesday, Oct. 14, according to… Read More »Amazon Prime Day is Oct 13-14