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Accelerate Growth with Multi-Channel e-commerce

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Your customers aren’t on one e-commerce site – they’re on all of them. Statistics show that 73% of shoppers use multiple channels before purchasing and that brands average a 50%+ increase in e-commerce revenue when they sell on more than one online channel.

48% of all e-commerce sales occur on Amazon, E-Bay, and Walmart, and your products should be there too. Right now.

In a multi-channel environment, there are many storefronts and points of sale. With the right tools, sellers can connect their primary online store into Amazon, E-Bay, Walmart, Google Shop and many other channels. Implemented correctly, brands can centrally manage product information, pricing, and inventory – keeping categories and items in synch across all platforms, increasing customer options to purchase, and decreasing manual work.

Applications such as Export Your Store’ can connect into Shopify, Ebay, Amazon, Walmart and Google Shop. One channel is selected as the reference store-Ebay or Shopify for example,-and then product information is automatically and regularly updated actross the other channels. Shipping information can be forwarded to the primary store and the central order management system for pick, pack, & ship from a single application.

After a one-time setup, your products are ready to be exported and synced to all your favorite marketplaces. Properly configured, the customizable export rules and 24/7 channel synchronization ensure seamless multi-channel selling. Your products will automatically synch between multiple marketplaces!

We have experience with implementing the tools and capabilities to sell across channels. Contact us to discuss options, next steps, and how we can help you do it right.