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Online Reviews Drive New Business

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Consumers highly value reviews in their decision process. We usually trust the opinions of other customers more than than any claims made by a business. When trying to find out what a customer experience is really like, we often to go to the reviews.

A proactive review generation strategy will help you create new content for potential customers to reference in their research, and it will enable you to shape the conversation around your business in a beneficial way.

For the customer, reviews provide a reassurance. Good reviews are a powerful sales tool. Without them you’re missing out new customers. Your loyal customers don’t need to read your reviews. But for new customers, your business must show up with great reviews when they search for your product or service. Otherwise your business is at risk of being overlooked.

Want reviews? Just ask. Sometimes, getting a customer to leave a review is as simple as asking on your site or with a follow up text or email. Whether on your checkout page, as a pop-up after making a purchase, or as an email request after delivery has been confirmed, simply requesting feedback can make a big difference. 

Consider adding a simple review submission form on the bottom of your website and product pages so customers are able to leave notes without leaving your site.

Google is an authority on the web, and that includes reviews. Google My Business is a valuable source of information, offering everything from contact details to hours of operation to millions of web users, and the reviews section is beneficial as well. Easy to access, Google reviews can be among the most meaningful for your reputation as a retailer.

Due to the role reviews play in Google’s algorithms, Google reviews are arguably among the most crucial avenues available. Google takes reviews into account in determining search engine rankings, with reviews comprising around 9% of the total formula.

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