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Ransomware 2020

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Ransomware is a bigger problem than ever. This survey compiled by Sophos has a lot of valuable findings such as:

  • Almost three quarters of ransomware attacks result in the data being encrypted.
  • 51% of organizations were hit by ransomware in the last year.
  • The criminals succeeded in encrypting the data in 73% of these attacks.
  • 26% of ransomware victims whose data was encrypted got their data back by paying the ransom. A further 1% paid the ransom but didn’t get their data back.

  • 94% of organizations whose data was encrypted got it back. More than twice as many got it back via backups (56%) than by paying the ransom (26%).

  • Paying the ransom doubles the cost of dealing with a ransomware attack. The
    average cost to rectify the impacts of a ransomware attack is US$732,520 for organizations that don’t pay the ransom, rising to US$1,448,458 for organizations that do pay.

Checkout the full survey from Sophos here and contact us today to learn how to reduce the risk and impact of ransomware on your business