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AI is Artificial. RI is Real.

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AI is hot. The enthusiasm is merited long term, but the short-term buzz and priority shifting is reminiscent of decades of tech fads that oversell the immediate benefits. Companies raising capital only need to claim an AI connection to raise money, just like they typed ‘blockchain’ or ‘Web 3.0’ into their business plans short while ago.

Fashions come and go.

In the 90’s it was dot-com companies. More recently: crypto, blockchain, NFTs, driverless cars, Web 3.0 and the metaverse are just some of the fads that promised to change everything overnight. All had their 15 minutes of Warhol’s fame, along with expert proclamations that they would soon change the world.

AI makes it clear that Real Intelligence (RI) is creativity, imagination, and invention. 

With ever increasing computing power and algorithms, we’ve invented AI that can search, organize, and summarize our created content and regurgitate it back to us. This saves us time so we can better utilize our RI.

AI, unlike RI, can’t identify a brand-new problem or opportunity. AI can’t hypothesize, collaborate, and engineer a solution. AI can’t imagine new approaches that have never been thought of yet. AI can’t build an improved version of itself. 

Only human RI can do those things.

We’re seeing a lot of clients grasp onto the AI buzz and our advice is to be thoughtful and very specific about where to implement these capabilities. Used right, the goal of AI is to create more time for RI. It can’t replace it.

Businesses have unique problems that require human collaboration, judgement and problem solving. Human intelligence is key to addressing these challenges and AI systems should support and accelerate this work but are decades from replacing it.

Contact us to learn more about how AI tools can help your business get more time for RI.

The AI Pivot cartoon - Marketoonist | Tom Fishburne