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Cloud Strategy

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The cloud plays a huge role in most organizations tech strategy: improving the ability to scale and increasing flexibility. Cloud adoption has been accelerated by the pandemic and as post-Covid world begins, new cloud trends are appearing.

The 11th annual Flexera 2022 State of the Cloud Report captures feedback from over 700 global cloud decision-makers. Some surprising news is that Microsoft Azure usage is growing faster than all competitors and in many cases is now beating Amazon Web Services (AWS). Native tooling is also increasing, with third-party tools for orchestration and container management losing ground to native tools from the cloud providers themselves. Small and Medium Business usage also grew rapidly, with 53 percent of SMBs spending more than $1.2 million—a whopping jump from the 38 percent reported last year.

A big challenge reported by many is lack of teams with cloud expertise. Amazon is offering a novel way to solve this with Amazon Cloud Quest, a series of online games in the metaverse that turn players into AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners. Check out an intro video here.

To beat the game, learners complete quests that build cloud skills while helping the 3D world’s citizens build a better city. Gameplay includes videos, quizzes and hands-on exercises based on real-world business scenarios. Players of AWS Cloud Quest will gain a better understanding of the cloud by exploring core AWS services and categories like compute, storage, database and security services as they build basic cloud solutions.

Check out charts of key cloud trend data below, access the full Flexera report here, and Contact Us with any cloud strategy questions or projects. We are vendor agnostic and have experience in AWS, Azure, Google, IBM and Oracle clouds.